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Ethnographic Museum


Address: Iza Vestibula 4, 21000 Split

Phone: +385 (0)21 344 164

             +385 (0)21 344 161

             +325 (0)21 343 108




The Split Ethnographic Museum was founded in 1910.


The museum collection represents the tradition culture of Dalmatia.


The Museum features a wide range of traditional Dalmatian embroidery and clothing, plus exhibits detailing the various trades, like knitting, wood carving and pottery, that have been practiced in the region over the years.


The exhibited artifacts are from the valuable collections of arms and jewelry, the examples of lace from the islands of Pag and Hvar, old Split folk costumes...


The appearance of folk room from the 19th century is well-staged.


The Church of St. Andrew de Fenestris from the 7th century is located in the ground floor of the museum, in one of the palace chambers originally used as bedrooms of Diocletian's apartment.



Through the Museum you can arrive here and take a real walk. 


Ethnographic Museum
Ethnographic Museum
Ethnographic Museum
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