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Peškarija Split - Fishmarket

Fish Market (Peškarija) and Green Market (Pazar)




One of the most vibrant places to visit in Split is the famous fish market, known among the locals as peškarija. It’s a special feeling to visit the fish market, and for most citizens of Split, it’s a ritual. Peškarija is close to Matejuška fishing port. It located in the middle of Marmont StreetIf you cannot see it, just follow your nose.  The market is indoor, open daily from 06:30 until about 14:00. From around 12 the prices are reduced almost by half; so if there is any fish left, you can make a bargain at that time of the day. At the fish market (inside the market building) you’ll find a man with a sharp knife that will clean your fish and cut it into fillets if you don’t like the hassle yourselves. The price for the service is approximately 10 Kuna.


The fish market was built in Revival style in 1890 after a design by Ante Bezić. The glazed roof, with its cast iron construction, its functional basilical lighting and a number of apertures placed high for the purpose of ventilation, is a fine example of engineering construction. The sulphur wells, that brought Diocletian here, keep the air and the fish hygienic as there are no flies.


When it comes to food, the people of Dalmatia like to have theirs simple, fresh and grown locally. There are no exotic spices or complex preparations, just natural flavors. Dalmatian people do not eat expensive fish. These all go to restaurants for tourists. Locals prefer cheaper, smaller fish. These fish are not only easy on the pocket, they're tasty and healthy too - the benefits of oily fish like sardine and mackerel are renowned. Don't feel a bit nervous about buying fresh fish - just look for shiny scales, clear eyes and firm flesh. Check the gills too, which should be bright red. Good luck and bon appetit! 





Another vibrant place in Split is green market, locally known as Pazar. The Pazar is near to one of the main roads since most of the veg is grown inland. It is very close to the bus station and the ferry port , so if you can spare a few minutes before leaving for your favorite island, you can stock up on veg since it is at least three times more expensive on the islands. Here you can find everything that grows under the sun, from goats’ and sheep's cheeses, to homemade jams and preserves, liqueurs and brandies, cured meat and fresh poultry. It is one of the central places of life in Split, and recently it’s becoming also a popular destination for tourists eager to feel the local spirit. The outdoor market used to be on today's Fruit Square, but due to the rapid city development, there was a need for a bigger space. Nowadays, that part of the city's core is the true belly of the city of Split. At the same time it is the place where you can still feel the spirit of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean, the colors, flavors and aromas of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also the sounds, the yelling and bargaining, all of the above will without a doubt be a clear clue to where you are at the moment.




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