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Diocletian's Palace Gates


The palace was built with four entrances, three on the mainland and one from the sea. The main northern entrance to the palace is called Porta Aurea or the Golden Gate (1). The eastern and the western entrances to the palace are called Porta Argentea or the Silver Gate  (2) and Porta Ferrea or the Iron Gate (3). The entrance from the sea is called Porta Aenea or the Brass Gate (4).


Decumanus Street connects the eastern and western entrances to the palace. It is functionally divided into two parts: the northern buildings for servants and army warehouses etc., and south, which was intended for the imperial family. 


Cardo Street began at the Golden Gate and led to Peristyle, the open space surrounded by arcades in front of the emperor's apartment. The emperor’s monumental octagonal mausoleum (today the Cathedral) was built on the left side of the Peristyle and the Temple of Jupiter is on the right side. The Temple of Cybele and the Temple of Venus do not exist today.  The emperor's apartment is entered through the Peristyle and then the Vestibule.

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