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Vasko Lipovac Atelier

Vasko Lipovac Atelier 



Address: Vukovarska 8a, 21000 Split

Phone: +385 (0)91 2000 872




Vasko Lipovac (1931–2006) was a Croatian painter, sculptor, printmaker, designer, illustrator and scenographer, and one of the most prominent artists of the region.


The artist bought the space of today's atelier in Vukovar Street, adapted and maintained it and worked there intensively from 1990 to 2006. Since 2011, the studio is open to the public.


Most of the artist's legacy is kept there, the public has access to the artist’s workspace.


The holdings of the studio make about 1,000 sculptures, hundreds of pictures, more than 2,000 drawings, hundreds of sketches, studies and models, resulting from the study time to the last days of the artist’s life, which comprise a representative chronological cross-section of the overall creativity by Vasko Lipovac.


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