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Palaces in and around the Palace


Diocletian's Palace  is an ancient palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian. Today, it forms the center of the city of Split and it's the main city attraction. Through history many noble families and distinguished citizens built their residencies and palaces in and around the Palace. Many historic palaces are now put to other uses such as museums, hotels, or stores. The most interesting are the preserved courtyards portals, staircases, loggias, windows, coats of arms, and wells.

Grisogono Palace, Cipci Palace, Skocibusic-Lukaris Palace,
Alberti Palace, Golden Gate Palace, Augubio Palace,
Cindro Palace, Marulic Palace, Large Papalic Palace (Split City Museum),
Dragisic (de Caris) Palace I., Dragisic (de Caris) Palace II., 
Palace at Dosud, Bajamonti-Deskovic Palace,  
Milesi Palace, Nakic Palace, Iron Gate Palace, Karepic Palace 
Cambi Palace, Ciprianis-Benedetti Palace 
Pavlovic Palace, Small Papalic Palace (Spar Supermarket),
Tartaglia Palace, Andrić house (Emanuel Vidović Gallery), Bishop's Palace


Just follow our map available  here and look for buildings from our photos.

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