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Gregory of Nin

Gregory of Nin (Grgur Ninski)


The monument to Gregory of Nin is a work by Ivan Meštrović, a world-renowned Croatian sculptor. Almost eight meters tall, the majestic bronze statue represents the bishop of Nin, who at the First and Second Church Councils, held in Split in 925 and 928, failed to become the Primate of Dalmatian bishops. The title was granted to the Archbishop of Split. At the time of the millenary celebration of the Kingdom of Croatia in 1925, the figure of Gregory grew into a mythical champion of the Glagolitic script and the Church Slavonic language - services were held only in Latin, not being understandable to the majority of the population. He was depicted by Ivan Meštrović as the symbol of national aspirations.


The statue of Gregory of Nin by Ivan Meštrović in Split is a heavily trafficked tourist site in the town, which the toe of the statue shows. Rubbing the statue's toe is said to bring good luck. The toe has been worn smooth and shiny as a result.


The statue was originally located in the Peristyle of Diocletian's Palace and can be seen in postcards of the pre-World War II period. During World War II, the statue was moved outside the city by the Italian occupying forces (1941). Currently, the statue sits to the north of the Palace and Old Town of Split, just outside the Golden Gate. It has been located there since 1954.


There are also statues of Gregory of Nin in the cities of Nin, Croatia, and Varaždin, Croatia.

Gregory of Nin
Gregory of Nin
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