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Fruit Square 1930
Fruit Square

Fruit Square (Trg braće Radić) - VOĆNI TRG

Official name of the square is Square of the Radić Brothers (the Radić brothers were important Croatian politicians), but locals still refer to the square as the Fruit Square, because it used to be the huge fruit and vegetable market.


Now a sprawling square of shops, cafés and street performers, it is centered around three main historical landmarks:


  • The Milesi palace (The grand Milesi Palace built in the 18th century, showcasing a spectacular Baroque façade, see link, please)


  • The Venetian Tower - Built in the 15th century to protect the city from local revolts and Turkish raids, an octagonal Venetian tower and the adjoining Castello to the south of the square.


  • The statue of the poet Marko Marulić - Marko Marulić was the father of the Croatian literature, the citizen of Split who was one of the most important philosophers and intellectuals of the 15th century. The author of the monument, as well as of several others in the city, is Ivan Meštrović.




Near the Fruit Square there are also the remains of the church of St. Michael in Ripa maris and the Church of Our Lady of Dobrić (see map, please).

Marko Marulić by Ivan Meštrović
The Milesi palace
The Venetian Tower
The Venetian Tower
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