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Split City Museum


Address: Papalićeva 1, 21 000 Split,

Phone: +385 (0)21 360 171, 



The Split City Museum is housed in the former Papalić Palace. The Papalić family settled in Split in the early 14th century and, while in the process of becoming one of the city's most respected families, built a small palace to serve as their family's home. Papalić palace is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Split, with interesting courtyard, well, loggia and great hall on the first floor with wooden painted Gothic ceiling.


Today, the palace plays host to the City Museum of Split, the origins of which can be traced back to Dmine Papalić and his collection of sculptures and monuments taken from nearby Salona. 

The collection has grown in subsequent years to include various paintings and artworks, along with fragments of sculptures, monuments and statues that were once parts of buildings in Split.


Along with the artwork on display, there are numerous documents, photographs, maps and manuscripts that help tell historical story of Split. The collection presents the urban, cultural, artistic and economic heritage of the city. 


The museum also contains the Emanuel Vidović Gallery, dedicated to the most important Split painter of the 20th century.

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