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Marmont Street

Marmont Street (Marmontova) is a popular pedestrian street leading north from the Riva towards Gajo Bulat Square (Trg Gaje Bulata), where the Croatian National Theater is located. 


Marshal Marmont urbanized the city by bringing electricity to Split for the first time, tearing down unnecessary structures, and creating a more viable street grid. In honor of these improvements, the city has immortalized Marmont’s name by calling one of its most visited streets after him. 


It is the main shopping street in Split, with many brands. Marmont Street is also very important because here are the following:



Salon Galic and Photo Club organize great exhibitions, the entrance is free. Gajo Bulat Square is at the top of Marmont Street, there you will find one of the best examples of modernist church architecture - the Church of Our Lady of Good Health (Gospe od Zdravlja) covering a still-preserved 17th century Franciscan monastery bell tower. The bright Croatian National Theater of Split built in 1893 is dominating the square, it is considered one of the biggest and the oldest theater houses in the Mediterranean.


In Marmont Street you will find telephone operators for your cell phone and the Internet in Croatia (A1,  Hrvatski telekom, Telemach).


Marmont Street is a cult street in which past centuries assimilate with the present. Witty contemporary fountain, commonly referred to as Pirja, should not be missed! It still makes you wonder what the message the artist was trying to convey was.

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